In just over a month, we will have lived in our “new” house for one year.  After we closed on the house, I shared a blog post on how we ended up choosing this as our new home.  It wasn’t what we had originally planned, but sometimes things turn out even better than planned.  I thought I would share a status update on our fixer upper one year later.


This is what the house looked like when we purchased it.  While it looked good far away in photos, it was actually in need of quite a few repairs.  The old wood shake roof (what was left on the roof) was badly in need of replacing.  Gutters with too few downspouts caused improper draining and rotted fascia.  The landscaping was dying out due to over crowding.  The basement leaked after a hard rain.  Our home just needed a little facelift to bring back her beauty.

As soon as the weather began to warm up this spring, we got started on her facelife.


Ta-dah!  The finished product..for now.  My vision came to life just as I had pictured it.  I love it!  And best of all, we’ve had no more water in the basement after a good rain!  There are still have several projects to wrap up – new exterior lighting, hardscaping in the front and back, landscaping, a cedar pergola, etc.  But, that will have to wait until next summer.

To everyone that has stopped by, yelled from their vehicle while driving by, text, commented on social media, etc., thank you for your kind words and encouragement as we worked on the house.  People we don’t even know were so kind to comment on the updates.  It feels good to bring life back into our “not so new” home.

**Don’t mind the strips of missing lime wash.  I still need to do touch ups after the old gutters were removed.**

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