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So, you might have noticed Christy B was closed last week. That’s because my family was on VACATION! To celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary and our son’s 21st birthday, we went to Riviera Maya in Mexico and it’s glorious 80 degree weather in January. To say I overindulged in photos and video is an understatement. I don’t want to forget a moment.

Here’s a little 3-minute recap video of some of the fun we had. I find myself watching it over and over. Fun times we were blessed to share as a family before our kids leave the nest. NOTE: For a better quality video view it on Christy B Photography’s Facebook page.

A couple of my favorite images that I’m going to have printed for a collage on our walls.

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Sunset_BLOG.png

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Pier_Beach_BLOG.png

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Tulum_Beach_BLOG.png

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Maroma_Beach_BLOG.png

We took a wild stab at a resort and chose Azul Sensatori. It was nice, almost too laid back with not much going on, but nice. The view of our resort from the beach.

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Azul_Sensatori_Beach_View_BLOG.png

This was our room. (Sorry, I wasn’t about to make the bed myself on vacation when I decided to take these pictures.)

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Azul_Sensatori_Room_BLOG.png

The view from our balcony.

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Azul_Sensatori_Room_View_BLOG.png

The kids had a room right next to us. Same as ours only with two double beds. Funny thing: they did special towel designs for our anniversary & Logan’s birthday only they had our rooms switched & put the love birds with a rose petal heart in the kids’ room and put Logan’s birthday cake on our bed.

 photo Christy_B_Mexico_Azul_Sensatori_kids_Room_BLOG.png

More images from around the resort (cell phone, GoPro & “real” camera photos mixed in).

On the rainy days, we ventured into Playa del Carmen and did a few excursions.  Unfortunately, our parasailing excursion (what I was looking forward to the most) was cancelled because of high winds.  The GoPro shots would have been amazing from up in the sky!  …next time


ATVs Through the Jungle

Our son really wanted to do this.  Not sure why because he’s had his own 4-wheeler since he was 4 years old.  But we were celebrating his birthday, so we did what he wanted.  It was raining off and on that day.  Let’s just say we were covered in mud (in the only tennis shoes we brought along) by the time we were done.

Zip Lines + Cave Snorkeling

On this excursion we zip lined into the water in a cave and then snorkeled through the cave.  We had to get into these wonderful rigs in our swimsuits.  It was dark in the cave so I really didn’t get any pics inside.  We swam through stalactites and stalagmites and saw a few small fish.

Here’s a little video if you would like to go on the zip line with me.

Jet Skis on the Ocean

Another thing our son has done a hundred times but still wanted to do.  To be honest, jet skis on the ocean (on a windy day) are way different than on a lake.  The waves don’t look near as big when you’re standing on the beach.  It’s an experience I’m glad to say I did and now I’m good from here on out.  Logan, on the other hand, can’t wait to do it again.  We are still kicking ourselves for not buying the CD of images they offered.  We have GoPro video but no good photos.  Photographer fail.

It was an awesome week full of wonderful memories with family.  We are so blessed to be able to allow our children to experience other parts of the world.  May they keep these memories in their hearts forever.

Mexico sunrise.

I tried to capture a time lapse of the sunset from our balcony but we only had 2 days of sun while we were there and the clouds rolled in just in time for the sunset each evening.  This was the best I could get.  I could still live with this.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Until next time, Mexico…


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